About Us

We focus on what is important. Our services are designed as an overall solution, to help you avoid needing several

providers for each project.

Who is MightWeb?

MightWeb was founded in January 2015 with one main target goal – to be a customer-driven company.

The web hosting industry in general is a saturated market with a bundle of well-reputed companies, and a much larger share ranging from huge corporations to pure scams.

We take great pride in what we do, and more importantly – how we do it. Customer relations are an integral part of our business model, and that is shown by what we do.

Enterprise Servers

Cheap hardware is not something you’ll find here. We invest heavily into our platform to ensure the quality we take pride in. This is paired with technologies such as LiteSpeed, CloudLinux and MariaDB to name a few, ultimatley granting you the perfect hosting environment.

Small & Dedicated

Unlike the conglomerates, we don’t have thousands of employees. We’re a small team of dedicated people, who all have a passion for what we do, and who believe in building long-term relationships. You’re not a number here – you’re part of our family.

Privately Held

We’re a privately held company that has grown rapidly ever since opening our doors to the public in January 2015. We’re clear of debt and invest the majority of our revenue back into our business in an effort to continue developing and improving our services.

A better web, for all

The web is expanding as fast as ever. There are over a billion websites on the internet - and that number is rapidly increasing. We look at

what we can do, in our position, to make the experience of the web better.

For us, that means giving websites an environment that is reliable, so that website don’t go offline. An environment that’s fast, so that you don’t have to wait for ages whilst your website loads. And finally, an environment that is secure – employing the best security practices and technology to protect against compromises.

That, combined, is what we call a better web – for all. For the webmaster, and for the visitor

A complete solution

In many cases, a website that starts out small can gain massive traction. Your website may go from a blog that you started to share your stories with friends and family, to a blog that has millions of visitors per month.

Our services are designed in a way that lets you scale easily. Whether you need a simple web hosting plan, or fully dedicated resources with a VPS – or your very own dedicated server (or perhaps a cluster of them?) – we have you covered.

Absolute control

No matter which service you have with us, you have absolute control over your environment. In web hosting, we utilize CloudLinux to allow you to make common changes that you may need in order to run your website – from switching the PHP Version, to selecting which module is loaded.

In a VPS, you have access to load ISO’s, full power control, VNC access and much more with SolusVM. For Dedicated Servers, you have complete access to ILOM, rDNS Control as well as power state. In short, you control your environment – we just provide it.

A complete solution

We value you. We don’t mind going the extra mile to make your experience better. In fact – we try to help with anything we know how to. As our customer, you should always feel like you’re welcome to talk to us, and that we’re dedicated to you. We encourage you to give us feedback, and we understand what requirements you have on us.

Our Customers Love Us

The support is AMAZING!!! These dudes are extremely helpful. When ever I needed something, they were always there and always quick to reply as well. I did not get this type of service from any other hosts.
5 star rating by Ref C.
Over and over again I put in a low priority support request and get a response within minutes. WHAT? I said it was LOW PRIORITY! You don’t have to get right back to me. But seriously folks. Support is amazing and SERIOUSLY FAST. Helpful every time and getting me answers. And never once have they made me feel like it was my fault (like other Hosts have done to me), even when it was. BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I’VE EVER GOTTEN FROM A HOST PROVIDER, OR FOR THAT MATTER — ANYWHERE!!!!
5 star rating by Bob H.

Clearly, a reliable provider that’s willing to do their best for their clients. Will be sticking with this company for a while :-).

5 star rating by
Miguel V.