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Team Collaboration

Collaboration tools for companies have received a lot of revisions over the years. From being entirely e-mail based, to tools such as Confluence and Jira showing wild success, to SharePoint - and many others. Gathering information centrally and collaborating within a company is of real importance to ensure operations are smooth - and in this

Content Delivery Networks

As web developers, we spend a lot of time and effort into making sure our web pages load quickly. Part of this means selecting a good provider that optimizes for speed, part is to make sure the website itself is optimized and does not make use of heavy scripts or heavy content that takes a

What DNS is, and how it really works!

DNS (Domain Name System) is a fundamental part of how the internet is used today. It is what allows browsing the internet as easily as we do, and a key component of how domain names work to begin with. It is also a great source of confusion for many, and we receive questions on it

Entering the void; DDoS Attacks

The internet has changed quite a lot over the past decade. The number of websites have increased dramatically, from roughly 85 million websites in 2006 to a billion in the year 2016. The IT industry is literally at a peak, and development is rapid. But, on the other side of all of this (over there,

Password security

You have surely heard, over and over again, people advising you not to re-use the same password in more than one place. But, as we all know - that's fairly difficult! When you constantly need  to remember your password (or enter it perhaps multiple times on a daily basis), having a list of potentially hundreds

Web design affects sales

Being a business owner does not necessarily equate to being a web designer. Browsing through websites on a daily basis, you'll no doubt see examples of good and bad web design. Some sites have obvious flaws such as horribly matched color schemes - some fail in responsiveness (which we'll talk more about later in this

Selecting a provider

The web hosting industry is complex. It's a very saturated market with a lot of potential providers, all of whom of course want your business. Naturally, it's all very well presented on their website, so how should you pick? Well, it's actually not as complex as it may seem! Your provider is not a compromise

What does resource limitations really mean?

Everything has a limit. Your car has a limit to how fast it can drive, a glass has a limit to how much content it can contain - and web hosting has limits on how much resources a user can consume. It's a common question - how much do I need, and more importantly, what

Starting a web hosting company

Web hosting is a huge industry, and there are a lot of web hosting companies out there. The reason for that is that it's very easy to become a web hosting provider - and it's also very fun! In this post, I will go through some of the things that you should think about prior

When things fail – and the importance of backups

On an average day, I spend at least a few hours browsing through various web hosting, web master and programming forums. On an average week, I see at least two to three topics about hardware failure, and the catastrophic effect it had for the topic starter. I figured I'd spend some time today going through