How Often Do you Go Shopping for a New Web Host?


You’ve been with the same web host for so long you can’t even remember why you chose your provider in the first place! You’re probably set up to renew the service each year and pay your hosting fees automatically. But over time the web hosting landscape changes. Are you still getting the best deal possible? Does your web host offer all the services your business needs? It’s not a bad idea to look around to see what’s available, compare costs, and make sure you are getting the best deal possible.

Know Your Needs – Present and Future

Your search for a new web host begins with a good look around your own business. Ask yourself these questions before you start investigating web hosting options. How fast are you growing? What are your current and anticipated server needs? What type of site do you want to build? Do you need eCommerce capabilities or are you more interested in SEO and blogging? How much storage do you need? What are your security requirements?

Have a List of Questions Ready

Once you know exactly what you are looking for, be ready with some questions relating to how the service provider will be able to meet your needs not just now, but down the road. Start by checking in with your current website and service provider to find out what, exactly, you are getting for your money. Once you know your current situation, you can do a better job of comparison shopping.

You Should Know

What kind of infrastructure does your provider own? Can the company provide dedicated servers tailored to your specific needs? Your server needs will change depending on whether you are looking for a development environment, wanting to run a game server or are more interested in a Remote Desktop. Likewise, your provider should be able to offer you a choice of operating system (e.g. Linux or Windows).

Do You Need a Reseller Plan?

If you are starting a hosting company, you may well want to consider a good reseller plan. It’s a cost-effective and simple way to get going and a company like MightWeb can provide not only the infrastructure but also a range of plans that include everything you’ll need to get up and running.

Look for One-Stop Shopping

Developing a website of your own means you will need a high-performance, stable infrastructure. Ideally, your web host will provide everything you need – from the space itself to one-click installers for applications like WordPress or e-commerce solutions like Magento.

Reliability isn’t Compromisable!

While good uptime is important, perhaps even more critical is reliability. Ask about how the company tests new services or systems. A static company that is always playing catch up can’t possibly provide you with the latest and best that technology has to offer. Smaller companies can sometimes be more nimble when it comes to adapting to the latest, greatest innovations.

Can the Service Relate to You and Adapt to Your Needs?

The very best companies, though, don’t just stop with being adaptable from a technical perspective. Being able to relate well and work with a wide range of customers, from experts to newcomers, is also essential. A meeting with your web hosting provider that leaves you feeling stupid and adrift in a sea of mysterious acronyms is not likely to result in the best business decisions on your end. Again, a smaller company can often provide the kind of personalized service that just isn’t possible when dealing with a huge, impersonal entity unable to relate one-on-one.

Hello? Is Anyone There?

If you do have a question or concern, how easy it it to reach customer service? Does the company offer online chat, 24-hour phone service, or email service when you need help?


If you already own a website, you probably owe it to yourself to have a look around and see what else is out there. While you’re at it, check out what MightWeb has to offer. You might just find yourself pleasantly surprised!