DDoS Mitigation

All of our systems are guarded by RioRey DDoS Mitigation Equipment.

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Anthony Wallace

“Anyone that is looking for hosting whether it is web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS or dedicated server hosting, I would highly recommend MightWeb. Throughout the process from pre-sales, all the way through registration, and even technical questions, MightWeb staff and support was there to help. Mr. Reed runs a very, very excellent company, and I would highly recommend MightWeb to anyone... ”

Brandon Jinright

“Greg has always gone above and beyond to help us. As a highly non-technical team, it has been something we really appreciate. We highly recommend MightWeb!”

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Denial of Service Attacks

DDoS Mitigation has become a required service for many online industries, including gaming, health care and e-commerce websites. We protect against Layer 3/4 attacks as well as the much harder to detect Layer 7 attacks.

Once the attacks reach our network, we apply Access Control List Rules (ACLs), effectively blocking traffic at the edge of our network. The second stage of mitigation involves inspecting and analyzing each packet, thus ensuring no malicious or potential service disrupting traffic makes it through to our servers.

Our Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers all include DDoS protection and mitigation to ensure the highest level of reliability possible.

Internet Traffic Flowchart

Internet Traffic Flowchart