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Are you a seasoned IT Pro, or perhaps just starting with your first website? Our services are tailored with you in mind.

Allow us the chance to exceed your expectations!

Web Hosting

Optimized for performance

Pure RAID 10 SSD Storage

Unlimited Premium Bandwidth

1 Click Installs

24/7/365 Support

$3.95 /mo

Reseller Hosting

Start your own web hosting company!

Pure RAID 10 SSD Storage

Unlimited Premium Bandwidth

1 Click Installs

24/7/365 Support

$16.95 /mo

Virtual Private Server

Windows & Linux, Pure SSD VPSs

Pure RAID 10 SSD Storage

True KVM Virtualization

Premium Bandwidth

24/7/365 Support

1 Gbit/s Connection

$6.95 /mo

Dedicated Server

Enterprise grade hardware

Chicago, New York & Dallas

Unlimited Premium Bandwidth

Tier 3 Facility

Impeccable DDoS

24/7/365 Support

$99.95 /mo

Our principles

We believe in an affordable, simple and personal service that focuses on you.
These are the principles that guide everything we do.


Reliability is more than just uptime

The first of our principles revolve around reliability. To us, reliability extends further than just maintaining good uptime - it goes to the core of how we conduct our business.
When we make you a promise, we follow through. When we design new services or systems, we thoroughly test them. When we offer advise, we do our best to ensure it follows best practices. In short, we do our absolute best to maintain a consistent quality of service in all aspects, from service delivery to customer interaction.

Our Infrastructure. Your Ideas.


We know that moving can be a pain. Luckily, we're experts at it, and we'll do it for you! Read More


The fastest of drives, now with even more speed and added redundancy. Read More


We take uptime seriously. Protecting you from attacks is part of that. Read More


Our blazing fast connection speeds stem from our 10 Gbit/s uplinks. Read More


All of our systems are powered by Enterprise Hardware. No exceptions. Read More


Our services are in a Tier 3 Facility, which helps ensure very high reliability. Read More

Our Customers Love Us

The support is AMAZING!!! These dudes are extremely helpful. When ever I needed something, they were always there and always quick to reply as well. I did not get this type of service from any other hosts.
5 star rating by Ref C.
Over and over again I put in a low priority support request and get a response within minutes. WHAT? I said it was LOW PRIORITY! You don’t have to get right back to me. But seriously folks. Support is amazing and SERIOUSLY FAST. Helpful every time and getting me answers. And never once have they made me feel like it was my fault (like other Hosts have done to me), even when it was. BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I’VE EVER GOTTEN FROM A HOST PROVIDER, OR FOR THAT MATTER — ANYWHERE!!!!
5 star rating by Bob H.

Clearly, a reliable provider that’s willing to do their best for their clients. Will be sticking with this company for a while :-).

5 star rating by
Miguel V.